Month: June 2023

Ukrainian Summer Festival Fundraiser

Come join us to experience the traditional Ukrainian Summer Festival AKA Kupala and fundraise to help Ukrainian defenders stand against the aggression. Ukrainian Kupala festival is similar to Swedish Midsommar, Saint Jeans in France, Sobótka in Poland, Kresu Den in Slovakia, Janovden in Bulgaria, Flakagajt in Albania to name a few. The name of the festival comes from the root ‘kup’, ‘kupa’ that means – together. Together we are strong! We are working with the non-profit Voila Fund to raise funds for their primary objectives:

1. Funding for a team of US medical specialists to teach doctors in Ukraine to help wounded defenders get their mobility back

2. Humanitarian aid for Ukrainian defenders including but not limited to tactical medicine, evacuation cars.

In Ukraine, people traditionally gathered medicinal herbs, decorated summer trees, and of course, they were singing and dancing! To make this effort fun we are inviting you for a day filled with fun activities. HraiMore will perform authentic folk Kupala songs and teach you authentic dance moves. Our Ukrainian artists will have crafts and handmade gifts for purchase. Additionally, there will be a wreath-making workshop:…/wreath-making-workshop… We will have traditional food and sweets, and Chainline is brewing a special beer for you with proceeds going to the great cause! As usual, expect some fun raffle prizes and exclusive auction items.

June 24, 2023 -Save the date!

Come any time from 11AM to 9PM, and bring your kids – they will totally love it as well!

More details or to RSVP click here

To learn more about Volia Fund visit

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